Cat Love Face Cat Tote Bag

Asheville is known for dogs—but did you know that the group Asheville Cat Weirdos has over 16,000 members online?
Let that soak in. It surprised me too.

This is the purrfect cat tote bag for every cat lover—so be sure to stock up!

Asheville Colorful Winter Tote Bags

Did you know that on social media the group, Asheville Cat Weirdos has over 15,00 members?
Let that soak in. So, there are a lot of cat lovers in Asheville. This is purrfect tote for any cat lover!
This is a fashionable, high-end, bag, not a canvas grocery bag.

Size: 18″x18″, double-stitched, strong, durable, easy-to-clean polyester tote bags with 3″ boxed corners for extra room.

Tourists and locals will want them—so be sure to stock up!


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